Compliance Professionals Intervision Group

Do you have several years of experience, but still sometimes find it difficult to find the right knowledge or standards to fall back on? Or do you need to develop specific skills you need as a Compliance Professional? And above all, would you like to learn from other colleagues? Then the Compliance Professionals Intervision Group may be for you. In a group of up to 10 professionals, at least once a quarter, we will work on issues that concern you. An experienced speaker can also be brought in for specific topics.


‘Crisis Response’ & ‘Investigations’ Intervision Group.

As a Compliance Professional, how do you conduct proper and objective fact-finding in an incident? And how do you deal with time pressure, peer pressure and outside pressure when managing crisis? As a Compliance Professional, this can be tricky casework, as each incident is unique and can range from a violation of an internal procedure to external fraud or sexual harassment. So you often can’t navigate by routine. However, we can learn from each other by sharing our knowledge, skills and experiences.

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