Profesional Code VCO

Over the past months, the VCO has been working on drafting a professional code. Draft versions of this professional code have been discussed in various stages with the Advisory Board, members and external interest groups via consultation rounds. During these consultation rounds, a lot of valuable feedback was received from various stakeholders which the Taskforce Professional Code has reviewed, and as far as possible, implemented in the final version of the professional code.

This final version was presented to the members at the general membership meeting on 18 January 2024 for approval. After a vote, the professional code was accepted by the members and entered into force from then on. We, as the VCO, are extremely pleased with this. The professional code marks a first step in the VCO’s larger ambition to further develop as a professional organisation.

Below is the profesional code and Preamble that you can use as a reading guide to the code.

VCO-BEROEPSCODE Final v1.0 2024