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10 sep. 2020 17:00 - 18:30

As a result of the COVID-19 crisis all member meetings are organized online at the moment. Though we prefer to meet in-person to exchange knowledge, expertise and good practices, there are also a couple advantages to meeting online. For example: we can ask experts from abroad to illuminate us on a topic. Cooperating with the Expert Group on Financial Economic Crime, we want to draw your attention to Illegal Wildlife Trade. This is a topic that may not be on your radar every day, but that can have serious consequences when something goes wrong. Consequences for your organization, consequences for the wildlife, but also for society at large. Recent studies highlight the likelihood that COVID-19’s first hotspot (and possible originator) was a wildlife market that sold illegal animals in Wuhan.

We are proud to present Dr. Tim Wittig and Juhani Grossmann from the Basel Institute on Governance. The Basel Institute has for the last two years managed a program in the Illegal Wildlife Trade, applying its anti-corruption and financial investigation tools to this environmental challenge. The multi-disciplinary program includes investigative work, intelligence sharing, and engagement with compliance programs and officers. On September 10 from 17.00-18.30 they will discuss the following topics:

- Introduction to Illegal Wildlife Trade

- How Illegal Wildlife Trade is affected by COVID19

- Why should Ethics & Compliance Officers look into this topic?

- What type of measures can you take to combat Illegal Wildlife Trade?

- Questions and Answers

Illegal Wildlife Trade is a relevant topic for financial institutions, logistics companies, pharmaceutical companies and other trade-based firms. The reputational risks for firms found to be associated with the illegal wildlife trade during times of covid-19 continue to increase as the pandemic drags on. Have you included this topic in your compliance risk assessment? Are your employees aware of the risks and what are the controls that you have in place? Please click on this link to confirm your attendance to the webinar. We will send you an invitation with the login details shortly before the event. We have a maximum of 100 attendees, so don’t be late. 

And as you probably already expected: the webinar will be conducted in the English language. 


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