Kim Brandon

General Boardmember

Kim found her passion for compliance when she joined the Financial Crime team at EY in 2018. With her experience in the AML/CFT world, and now as a Compliance Officer at BumaStemra, she is excited to step onto the fast track of the VCO as a board member. She is ready to bring in fresh ideas, gain new perspectives, and collaborate with the VCO to develop innovative solutions. "I look forward to many encounters, new lessons, and collective growth as we embark on new paths for the future of compliance officers. Let's go!"

Frank Felten


Frank is 64 years old, born in The Hague, and married (his wife is a general practitioner). Frank has been living in Ravenstein for over 26 years and is still working full-time. However, he plans to try to reduce his workload by 10% starting in 2024. Originally a registered accountant, Frank has been working in the accounting world for over 46 years. He spent the first 26 years at PwC and its predecessors, with 14 years in audit and 12 years in forensic accounting (fraud investigations). Subsequently, he spent 4 years at the AFM focusing on establishing and initiating supervision of audit firms. Frank says, "When you throw the activities of a controlling accountant, forensic accountant, and supervisor at the AFM into a hat and shake it well, a compliance officer emerges." That indeed became his next role: first, 6 years as a compliance officer at ABAB and now almost 10 years as a compliance officer at Baker Tilly. Frank sees himself primarily as a "self-made" compliance officer.

Björn Schuitemaker

General Boardmember

“Enable the business to make profits within the rules of the game” That is the mission of Björn Schuitemaker. With this mission, Björn aims to convey that organizations are more in control when they actively invest in controlled risk-taking rather than actively avoiding risks (risk-averse). Over the past decade, Björn has worked for various types of financial enterprises, ranging from trust offices to foreign banks. In all his roles, Björn has either had an advisory role as a compliance consultant or has had overall compliance responsibility for Dutch permits. Currently, Björn is working for the Maples Group. In addition to his professional activities, Björn serves as a director at the Dutch Chapter of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists ("ACAMS") and is a co-author of the Practical Guide for Combating Money Laundering & Terrorism Financing of the Dutch Compliance Institute ("NCI"). Björn actively promotes the sharing of knowledge and bringing contacts together. In this context, Björn intends to join the board to further professionalize the collaboration with the association's partners. He plans to do this by, together with the working group, formalizing partnership agreements that specify how the VCO and its partners wish to concretely implement collaboration based on the principle of reciprocity.

Michelle Fisser


Michelle has >20 years experience working as a compliance professional in various sectors with international organisations. It is her mission to stimulate knowledgesharing to create effective and efficient compliance organisations being ‘business as usual’. In her current role as advisor and trainer with Compliance in Motion AND as an active member for the Dutch Compliance community. In her role as Boardmember prime focus lies on connecting and growth. Connecting with members, partners, expert groups, other (international) expert communities and interested parties. Growing as a community with guidance, certification and education for the members. Always open for suggestions or feedback. Feel free to contact Michelle via or PM via LinkedIn.

Angela Stap

General Boardmember

Angela has worked as a compliance professional and is member of the VCO since 2004. After various positions in the financial sector, she has become an independent compliance, privacy and risk consultant since 2017. She helps organizations with the design of the second line, fulfills roles of Compliance Officer and Privacy Officer, trains colleagues and works for various companies as a Data Protection Officer. As a VCO board member, she will work proactively and in a modern way to help the VCO members fulfill their challenging roles, focusing specifically on the internal and external communication of the VCO.

Bernadette van Leeuwen

General Boardmember

Bernadette is a corporate law specialist; integrity within organizations. She is experienced in compliance: including the Accountants Organizations Supervision Act and privacy and conducts compliance training. In addition, Bernadette has experience in drafting integrity policies and investigations. Within the VCO board Bernadette is responsible for the professionalization of compliance experts and for the cooperation with VCO’s external partners in ethics, compliance and integrity.


The VCO has an advisory board: broadly and multidisciplinary. The aim of the board is to advise the VCO board, solicited and unsolicited, and to take the VCO to a higher level with suggestions and to act as a sparring partner. The Advisory Board is seated by the following experts:

Muel KapteinPartner bij KPMG Integrity & Compliance en Professor Business Ethics bij RSM Erasmus University
Edwin Weller – Zelfstandig Compliance Adviseur en Lid van Raden van Toezicht
Alexander MacleanGlobal Head of Compliance / Chief Compliance Officer bij Aegon
Robin BaksDirecteur Koninklijke Nederlandse Klim- en Bergsport Vereniging
Mirjam Bakker-Vergouw – Chief Compliance Officer at ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

In our newsletter we continue to introduce you one by one to the members of the Advisory Board. Read the interviews with Edwin Weller, Alexander Maclean, Mirjam Bakker-Vergouw, Robin Baks and Muel Kaptein here.