The Expert Group RegTech and Digital Transformation (in short RegTech) is composed of members with different backgrounds but having a similar interest: the developments in digitization that are relevant to our work.


ACTUALITIES – Interview with Frans van Bruggen, DNB (in Dutch)

The RegTech Table has chosen Artificial Intelligence & Ethics as its theme for the year 2023. Developments around AI are moving fast. Why is this an important topic for Compliance Officers and what is expected of them in this regard? To find answers to these questions, this year we are engaging with a number of professionals in the field of AI and Ethics.

Frans van Bruggen, Senior Beleidsmedewerker FinTech & Artificial Intelligence with DNB is our first interviewee. Read the interview here (in Dutch) !

Onze tweede gesprekspartner is Joris Krijger. Joris is Ethics & AI Officer with Volksbank and received his doctorate from Erasmus University Rotterdam on the topic of Ethics and AI. Read the interview here! (for English click here)


In order to achieve its goals, the Expert Group RegTech holds regular meetings and maintains contacts with relevant parties within its focus area. The constant exchange of knowledge creates a broad understanding of developments in the field of RegTech.

The Expert Group RegTech will continue to develop and periodically seek knowledge within the focus area. This knowledge will lead to the publication of best practices.

For 2023 we have chosen a main theme namely AI and Ethics. We will conduct interviews with subject matter experts and other stakeholders affiliated with the topic of AI and Ethics. In addition, we will host a seminar on the topic of AI and Ethics for VCO members and any invited guests.

The Expert Group RegTech brings together all the knowledge in the field of technical developments within compliance and supervision. Would you like to participate in the Expert Group as a member? You can! Sign up through Mirjam Veen-Hendriks (chair).


Are you a member and have a complex issue related to regtech or run into something? If you would like to spar confidentially with one of the members of the Expert Group RegTech, we would be happy to help you. Click here to leave your information, indicate your question concerns regtech, and we will find the right match for you….


Mirjam Veen-hendriks (chair)
Raimond Stappers
Eddy van Rooijen
Mario Wouters
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