Accountancy sector

The Expert Group for Compliance Officers and professionals working in the accountancy sector aims to exchanging knowledge and experience among compliance and integrity professionals in audit firms. This expert group organized a kick off in December 2022. The first session in March 2023 was organized around a recent report by the sector’s supervisory authority AFM on Client engagement and continuance practices among audit firms. Report. If you wish to join this expert group, you can let Bernadette van Leeuwen or Stefanie Berends know, via DM or via

We like to collaborate as much as possible with other Expert Groups and with our external industry partners.


Are you a member and have a complex issue related to accountancy sector or are you running into something? If you would like to spar confidentially with one of the members of the Expert Group on accountancy sector, we would be happy to help you. Click here to leave your information, indicate your question concerns the accountancy sector, and we will find the right match for you….


S.W. (Stefanie) Berends
M. (Martine) Cranendonk
A.K. (Anne) Creusen
F.A.L. (Frank) Felten
A.B.M. (Arnout) van Kempen
A.S. (Arjan Sebastiaan) Kramer
B.H.A. (Bernadette) van Leeuwen
J.J.J.C. (Inez) van der Linden
M.C.T.H. (Monica ) Versteegh
A.J.H.R. (Antoine) Kortekaas
R.A. (Ronald) Jimmink
J. (Jasmin) Atikovic
P. (Pam) Maessen
A. (Arnold) van Leeuwen
T. (Tim) Riemeijer