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The Expert Group on Behavior & Culture promotes behavior and organizational culture with integrity. It does so through discussion, ideation and expertise development about norms, values, behavior and, culture within organizations. Through conduction workshops with our members, and writinge articles on topics such as;: aspects of behavior & culture in SIRA, fostering a safe work culture, and dealing with dilemmas in organizations. We have also developed the Behavior & Culture Toolbox, which you can view here.

We also welcome questions and advice on Behavior & Culture ( or through expert group members).


The Expert Group encourages discussion, ideation and knowledge development in the areas of norms, values, behavior and culture within organizations. We do this through conducting workshops and writing articles on topics such as focusing on behavior & culture in the SIRA, fostering a safe work culture and dealing with dilemmas in organizations.

We also enjoy engaging with compliance professionals and researching issues. Such as our study of the relationship between the compliance professional and the Supervisory Board.

The Expert Group meets and connects regularly to share our different expertise, issues, and experiences. We also share expertise with each other, through messages and at our meetings.

Do you have questions or tips about Behavior & Culture? If so, please contact us. This can be done at or through the members (see overview under “who are we”).


We also developed the Behavior & Culture Toolbox. The Toolbox contains all kinds of useful tips and methods for getting started with Behavior & Culture yourself. We keep the Toolbox updated and also add new tools to it regularly. Read more and be sure to take a look at the Toolbox.


During Integrity Week, the Knowledge Table Behavior & Culture organized workshops focused on a safe work culture and the role of the Compliance Officer. The workshop offered in-depth insights into the topic of Psychological Safety, and practical tools for managers and/or Compliance Officers to put this into practice. In addition, an overview of relevant literature was provided for further reading. The workshop was very positively received by the participants. You can find the presentation here.


Are you a member and have a complex issue related to behavior and/or culture or are you running into something? If you would like to spar confidentially with one of the members of the Expert Group on BEHAVIOR & CULTURE, we would be happy to help you. Click here to leave your information, indicate your question concerns the behavior & culture, and we will find the right match for you….


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Presentation “Compliance in tijden van Chaos”

Presentation Jan Rotmans “Perfect Storm”

Why good people do bad things (in Dutch)

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Suzanne de Boer (chair)
Marit Boon (co-chair)
Alando van Bodegom
Marjo van den Broek
Susanne Hafkamp
Maarten Hoekstra
Jan-Maurits Hoijtink
Nicolet Jager
Marlène Jans
Egge de Jong
Norbert van de Kamp
Carolien Merkens
Roland Notermans
Finfola Planting
Marloes Stubbe-Oude Munnink
Geert Vermeulen
Johan de Vries
Giovanni van der Wielen
Cora Wielenga
Kenneth van der Wolf
Carole Wishaupt
Heleen Rietdijk
Willemijne Langereis