The (Systematic) Integrity Risk Analysis ((S)IRA) is in full development. The tool is being used in an increasing number of sectors, mandatory*, or voluntary. *) For financial institutions, the obligation dates back to April 1, 2001, with DNB’s “Regeling Organisatie en Beheersing”.

The tool helps to keep a grip on integrity risks in an ever-widening legal and societal framework and provide focus in controlling those risks. Further the SIRA is an important communication tool, and it helps promote a risk-aware culture. And what about the increased need for more consistency/integration with other risk components within an organization? Or determining the data needed for a risk analysis, with ongoing digitization, technology applications and use of big-data? As compliance professionals, we have to deal with these developments (almost) daily, so we too will need to continue to evolve.

Participating in the Expertise Group? You can!
Do you have experience setting up and implementing the SIRA or other integrity risk management and quantitative integrity management tool? Do you have ideas on how SIRA could be better? And are you willing to share your expertise and ideas with peers and discover together what those improvements might be and how to shape them? Then this expertise group may be for you. Participation is open to VCO members and free of charge. However, we do expect an active contribution: substantive and/or somewhat more organizational. You can contact Han Zevenhuizen at +31 (0)6 8179 4292 or or Ernst-Jan Mante at +31 (0)6 25 29 22 14 or .

We would like to receive your questions and suggestions about the SIRA ( of via one of the expert group members).


The purpose of the Expert Group is to share our expertise about the SIRA and the risk analysis process and to deepen and broaden this expertise. The premise here is to make this expertise accessible to members, e.g. by organizing member meetings, developing products, and standards etc. The Expertise Group on SIRA began in 2020 with 12 compliance professionals and continued to grow in 2021 and 2022.


INTERVISION with the Expertise Group on SIRA

Are you a member and have a complex issue related to SIRA or run into something? If you would like to spar confidentially with one of the members of the Expert Group on SIRA, we would be happy to help you. Click here to leave your information, indicate your question concerns the SIRA, and we will find the right match for you….


H.P. (Han) Zevenhuizen (chair)
E. (Ernst-Jan) Mante (chair)
J.J. (Jan) Doornbos
Jan Fluit
N.P.B. (Niels) Jaspers
J.A. (Judy Alucia) Martins
B. (Bouwe) Morrema
D. (Diana) Muller
S. (Shushan) Osipian
Finfola Planting
R.J.H. (Raimond) Stappers
M. (Marco) van der Velde
J.R. (Jacqueline) Verpals – van der Hoeven
F.A.A.M. (Frank) Walraven
Marcel Wesdorp