Review of New Year’s event and AGM

January 18, our New year’s event took place, combined with an interactive AGM. For there was a lot to discuss and to be decided by our members.

First of all, our board shared the 2024 budget, a promise fulfilled from last summer’s AGM. In addition, there was the resignation of current treasurer Arnout Hegenbart. We thank Arnout for his dedication and constructive contribution as a board member. Arnout is certainly not out of the picture but has many new challenges since he started in his role as Compliance Officer at Stibbe.

Furthermore, we are proud to announce that three new board members have joined the VCO board: Kim Brandon and Bjorn Schuitemaker introduced themselves at the AGM. Our new treasurer Frank Felten unfortunately could not attend. More information about the new board members can be found here. Also, in 2023 we worked hard to create a Code of Professional Conduct. Members and non-members were able to contribute in writing and through MS Teams Consultations. During the ALV, the new Professional Code was explained by Richard Hoff, member of the Taskforce. The Code, which for the time being is designated as a ‘target code’ has been approved by the ALV and is available, together with the preamble (reader’s guide) at our website (Dutch only, translation will follow).

During the second part of the event, our guest speakers Lucas Mol (founder De Groene Afslag) and Jan Rotmans (Professor in Sustainability Transitions at Drift, Erasmus University Rotterdam) provided a source of inspiration. Professor Rotmans’ contribution focused on ‘the perfect storm’ and what this means for compliance professionals.

Key take aways from the afternoon:
✅Approval of first VCO Code of Professional Conduct #proud
✅Change takes time (and starts with yourself)
✅Try to enjoy Resistance
✅Crises are a blessing
✅KYC should not last 13 months
✅Compliance is more than ticking boxes 😉

The event concluded with networking drinks and a nice (vegetarian) buffet at “De Groene Afslag”.

Klick here for the presentation of Jan Rotmans.